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Coaching Results & Accomplishments

best in class

Coach Joelle worked with the General Manager and executive team of a $180 million business unit at the world’s largest full-service mechanical contractor. Through coaching and facilitation with the GM and his core team, the business unit was able to exceed its stretch goals and achieve “Best In Class” on five key metrics (including; safety, revenue, EBITDA). An accomplishment that to many, seemed ambitious, bordering on impossible, when the process began.


Joelle’s work with a Vice President of Sales at a rapidly growing Dental Plan insurance provider supported the VP in significantly increasing his confidence, leadership, decision making, self-awareness and belief in his professional value. Not only did he fulfill on his program objectives but with the accompanying improvement in status, relationships and perception within the company, he received a 5-figure raise at his annual review.

no more “people problems”

Joelle was contracted to work with a Fabrication Manager in Phoenix, AZ to develop his ability as a leader and address what he called his “people problems.” Coming from an analytical background the manager found himself often bogged down by details and decision making and was having challenges connecting with and relating to his team, the impact of which was seen in both department cohesiveness and results. Through coaching, the manager was able to develop his intuition and his ability to lead and coach his team. Upon completion, he proudly reported that his team was “more focused, more productive, and clearer in its communications.” And that he was “surrounded with success stories.”

6 Departments and a 70 Hour Work Week

Joelle was brought in to work with a Human Resources Manager who was overseeing six departments and working 70+ hours a week. The strain of her workload was impacting her health and rapidly pushing her towards burnout. It quickly became clear that the manager was succumbing to common leadership pitfalls; micromanaging, demanding instead of requesting, doing it instead of running it, being the nice guy, and avoiding holding people accountable out of fear of being disliked.

Over the course of the 12 month engagement, the manager became a self proclaimed “master in accountability, clearly expressing expectations, and developing the best in people, holding them to their commitments and “not giving them an out.” She was able to reduce her work week by 20 hours, removing tasks, responsibilities and behaviors that didn’t serve her of the organization and successfully prioritizing what remained for maximum productivity. The real success was she was able to reshape her job into a sustainable, meaningful and fulfilling career that she was excited to get up for each morning.

Everyone  Working Together

Joelle was invited to work with the owner and top leadership of a landmark restaurant and bar chain to improve systems and communication for increased effectiveness and to prepare the way for anticipated growth. Through individual coaching with key management, group communications training and management-team facilitation, the organization experienced a significant increase in communication, collaboration and effectiveness. The enthusiastic words of the company Controller say it best, “it is amazing, and fabulous, how much better we all work together with the tools you have given us. I feel as though each member of management has a better sense of themselves and what is expected of them. At this time, we are all working together on projects rather than against each other.”

Clear Vision = Record Profitability

During a coaching and team facilitation engagement with a major Southwest healing arts school, Joelle coached the owner and core team through the creation of a comprehensive company mission, vision and personnel plan that resulted in their rise to record profitability and recognition as one of the most prominent organizations in their industry in North America.

90% get an A

Joelle created and delivered an empowerment and accountability coaching program to increase productivity and results of sales associates at a fortune 500 staffing company. The Project produced a significant increase in the targeted metric of fulltime associates (54% of participants showed an increase of 100% or more. Over 90% of associates were at 89% of quota and %72 over %100 of quota at the end of 3 months.) Additional results included: increased overall sales activity, increased associate confidence, accelerated ramp up for new associates, increased competency around planning and scheduling, Increased capacity to be accountable to and deliver on their own goals, and the ability to overcome procrastination, self-doubt, and other self-inflicted barriers.

Doing a 180 on His 360

Joelle was brought in to work with an Executive Vice President at a major semiconductor construction contractor to support him in adjusting his perception by, and results with his team. The feedback said that he was abrasive and antagonistic and a change needed to be made. Through coaching, the VP was able to become responsible for his inner emotional state and outer communication and within six-months had a 180 degree turnaround on his peer and employee behavioral feedback.

The Master of Delegation

The head of PR and Marking at a successful bar and restaurant organization came to Joelle overworked and underwater. Sometimes working 80 or 90 hour weeks he felt too busy to deliver 100% and often found himself doing a mediocre job on a little bit of everything. Through coaching he was able to step back and push back, realizing he did not have to do it all and started seeking support to get the job done. He reclaimed his power to say “NO” and when asked to “jump”, instead of asking “how high?!” he began to negotiate the terms and timeframe so I could jump on his own terms. He became so masterful at leading and delegating that he decided to setup a system that could run without him. Last we heard, he had hired a group of 18 interns, handed the whole thing off to the intern manager and left to travel the world.