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More than just a speaker, Coach Joelle expertly weaves stories, functional models and experiential exercises to create a transformation experience that will have your group seeing through fresh eyes, challenging the status quo and taking bold new action.

Expect to be engaged, entertained and inspired when you hire Coach Joelle!

Speaking Topics

Who do you THINK you are?Shaping Self-IMAGE for Success in Leadership

Henry Ford said that “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” Whether we like it or not, every thought we think impacts our personal power, our level of effectiveness, our ability to cause change and our capacity to lead; but no thought is more important than the thoughts a leader has about themselves.

In this transformative event, participants will investigate – who they “THINK” they are – and how those thoughts are affecting their results and shaping their destiny. Using practical tools, introspection, experiential exercises and movement, your leaders will redefine their self-image with intention, based upon the legacy they want to leave and their vision for the future – Ultimately setting themselves up to become the person who can fulfill on their grandest aspirations.

No matter who walks in the door, empowered leaders with a belief in their ability to chart their own course walk out.

iLEAD:Empower The leader Within

Leadership has little to do with position and everything to do with a person’s ability to take responsibility for their own success, happiness, and results. In this interactive session Coach Joelle expertly guides participants to chart their own course, connect to their personal power and claim their role as ultimate leader in their career and in life.

With a focus on individual visioning and goal-setting, participants lay the framework for their own development journey, applying the lessons learned to fulfill on their own meaningful outcomes. Using practical tools and the practices and thought processes it takes to persevere, rise to the challenge and deliver on inspired goals, your team will leave equipped, empowered and connected to their inner leader.

This program is available in a 90 minute or a 4 hour session and can be integrated as a launching point for the iLEAD Group Coaching Program.

Making The Shift: From Boss TO Partner – How to Coach Your Team To Peak Performance

Before Coach Joelle was a coach, she was a manager. And before she had the tools that coaching provides, she was a rather ineffective, frustrated and unhappy manager.

Every manager has things they need from their team and things that they want for them; Behaviors they would like to see developed and those they wish would disappear. With Command and Control being SO last century, leaders are seeking a better way to achieve results for the organization while bringing out the best in those they serve.

That better way has arrived and it has a name… Coaching.

In this interactive workshop Coach Joelle will guide your managers to make the shift from “Boss” to “Partner” and give them the tools and practices to coach their team to success.

Looking UP: The Power of Perception

In this interactive session Coach Joelle guides your team to look beyond the cliché of Pollyanna-like naiveté to explore the very practical reasons why intentional optimism is one of our most powerful resources as leaders. Using proven tools participants will practice intentionally shifting their thoughts to give them the clarity, confidence and resilience they need to lead the team, rise to the promotion, hit quota or find balance in a world of conflicting priorities.

standout in Practice: How To StandOut And Win At Work!

The StandOut in Practice workshop is facilitated around StandOut, the latest assessment from Marcus Buckingham based on his strengths philosophy.

Coach Joelle Is A “STANDOUT In Practice” Certified Facilitator.

In the StandOut in Practice workshop your team will be guided through a deeper exploration of their individual StandOut assessment results , emphasizing how each member can make a more substantial, focused contribution. Dynamic group activities give teammates the opportunity to share feedback on where they rely on each other most — and to determine how they can work even more effectively.

Interested in taking STANDOUT to see if it is a fit for your organization? Call Coach Joelle for your STANDOUT Assessment Key and schedule your personal results interpretation. For more information, please call (360) 378-0088


Are you coordinating a retreat or development day? Work with Coach Joelle to create custom programing on any of the following topics.
  • Self-Leadership
  • Leaving Your Leadership Legacy
  • Fun In The Workplace
  • Developing Effective Communication
  • Creating Culture
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Team Visioning
  • Stress Management
  • Building Trust
  • Dealing With Change
  • Increasing Sales
  • Goal Setting