IN THE iLEAD Coaching Program your professional aspirations lay the framework for a unique development adventure. Available as both one-on-one coaching and as a group experience for your company’s rising and shining stars, iLEAD gives you the tools to take the driver’s seat and claim your role as the ultimate leader in your career and life.


Being a Leader is more than a role or title that comes with direct reports. Leadership is a way of being in the world.

The iLEAD Coaching Program uses your goals as the training ground for the development of your own self-leadership.

Over 6 months you define your outcomes , chart your course, get in action and deliver results. With each session providing real-time education and tools to rise to the inevitable challenges, you come to know yourself as a leader, able to claim responsibility for your thoughts, moods, emotions, actions, relationships and career.

Part guide, part teacher, part cheerleader and part professional butt-kicker our professional coaches are there every step of the way, a partner in your success, providing the guidance and support for you to be your best and reach the summit of your professional aspirations.


A Personal Leadership Adventure

Like all great adventures, your personal leadership adventure begins by choosing the destination. It starts with the simplest of questions. “Where do you want to go?”

Look closely and you will uncover a vision that is exhilarating, purposeful, worthwhile and unique. Over this 6-month program you will work together with your coach to climb to the summit of your professional ambitions.

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For groups

Create a Team of Leaders

The iLEAD group coaching program’s unique combination of interactive classroom learning and ongoing professional coaching delivers increased leadership, heightened engagement and greater job satisfaction for your rising and shining stars.

Empower your team with the tools to create their own inspired futures and to connect to the resilience, courage and leadership required to bring those futures into being.

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In this program you will

Become A Leader In Your Own Life And Career: Learn the tools and skills that it takes to be ultimately responsible for your actions, your words, your moods, your thoughts, your relationships and your results.

Create Your Professional Mission Statement And Identify Core Personal Values: Like any great business YOU INC. needs it’s own mission and values to act as guideposts and measures of alignment for future actions and leadership decisions.

Define And Live Into Your Vision Of Great Leadership: There is a leader in everyone waiting to be tapped. Based on your talents, preferences, vision and values, you will gain clarity around your unique leadership style and will begin living as that leader in your work and in life.

Identify Motivating Goals And An Inspiring Professional Vision: Engagement begins with meaningful work. By designing and pursuing inspiring goals you set yourself up for excitement and intensity in your day to day and add passion and the thrill of achievement to your work.

Create An Actionable 6-Month Plan: Rescue your goals from “hoping they turn out” and insert the pure science of execution with the creation of a detailed action plan.

Receive Accountability And Coaching: Every step of the way your coach will be there to empower you when you’re wavering, kick your butt when your lagging, and educate you on the key tools and distinctions required to be a leader in your own life.

Become A Master Of Your Own Mind: All things are created twice. Once in the mind and once in the world. Your thoughts are either taking you down a path to achievement and success or to failure and frustration. By becoming a master of your own thoughts you create greater mental clarity, emotional control and self-leadership.

Develop Increased Resilience And The Ability To Overcome Obstacles: With big goals obstacles are inevitable. Your big goals are the perfect training ground to find out what you are made of. Learn what it means to truly commit to your goals and what it takes to persevere in the face of adversity.

Learn Simple And Effective Communication Tools: Effective listening, the power to make bold requests and creating strong agreements are only a few of the key tools you will learn for immediate use in improving productivity and results in your professional initiatives.

Increase Self Confidence As A Leader: Your inner strength determines the outer response. Through the development of self confidence in your work and in your ability to affect your results you will begin to execute with ease and rise above discomfort and fear.

Take Unprecedented Action: You will take bold action to fulfill your goals, creating massive movement and achievement on what matters most.

Experience Greater Job Satisfaction: When you are confident, feeling powerful, communicating effectively and actively moving towards meaningful goals, it really doesn’t get much better than that. Work will become a place of achievement, adventure and success.

Produce Extraordinary Results: In this focused and intensive learning environment you will begin to make things happen at a whole new level. Expect breakthroughs in relationships, accelerated goal achievement, more happiness all around and who knows, you may even surprise yourself by what you accomplish.

Whether you have a team of thousands or you only need to lead yourself, your level of personal responsibility in and out of the office will determine everything from the height of your professional achievement, to depth of your relationships to the quality of your life.

begin your leadership adventure! You alone determine the height of your professional achievement and the
quality of your life.

If you are ready to take ownership of your career and take responsibility for your results let’s talk.

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