Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is the ultimate tool for a leader on a mission. Our highly customized and interactive process engages you in a focused partnership dedicated to strengthening your abilities as a leader while achieving your most meaningful goals and business objectives.

As a business leader you have the opportunity to make work a place of achievement, growth and fulfillment for yourself and those you lead.

The future is limited only by your vision and your willingness to take action, so why not give yourself the tools and support to be your best. You define success and your coach will support you every step of the way to hone your unique leadership approach and achieve professional fulfillment and person satisfaction.

Whether you are seeking to support key players in your business or you are ready to engage a coach for yourself, Executive Coaching has proven to be one of the most effective ways to move businesses and careers forward, bring grand visions to fruition and create meaningful and lasting change.

What Coaching Can Do For You

Increase Key Business Measures: Gain customized support in achieving key business measures such as EBITDA, Retention, Revenue etc.

Develop A High-Functioning Team: Define your vision and set up the systems, processes and communication to create a strong, collaborative, high functioning team.

Design A Values-Based Company Culture: Design your company culture with intention, built around what you, your team and your customers value most.

Retain Top Talent: Use professional coaching to Invigorate key personnel around their goals and objectives.

Identify And Pursue Meaningful Goals: Gain the clarity and the commitment to go after and achieve your challenging and meaningful professional and personal goals.

Identify And Hone Your Unique Leadership Style: Your greatest productivity, satisfaction and professional success lie not in copying the latest business guru but in leveraging your unique leadership style. Appreciate your uniqueness and connect to your best so you can lead others to their own greatness.

Develop Your Ability To Manage People: Learn to produce reliable results in your business through clear direction, accountability, communication and process.

Develop Effective Communication Skills: Get your ideas across, resolve conflict in key relationships and get more done through confident and effective communication.

Gain Confidence: Whether launching a new role or facing expanded responsibilities, coaching can support you in developing a solid foundation of internal strength for greater effectiveness and peace of mind.

Increase Personal Productivity: Increase personal productivity and effectiveness through delegation, planning and time management.

Shift Behavior: Get the feedback and learn the skills to remove ineffective behaviors and develop new productive ways of relating and performing at work.

Achieve Balance: Effectively manage personal stressors and stress responses and restore balance in your work and life.

Get Engaged: Reconnect, reengage and restore meaning and purpose to your work.

IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LONELY AT THE TOP: Give your top leaders the edge that elite executives from the Fortune 500 have been using for years. Call us to schedule a consultation (360) 378-0088.


  • “Our CFO exhibits a new, stronger confidence in dealing with other managers and has now involved herself in strategic decision-making discussions she would not have been involved with in the past.”
    —Daniel Stankey, Riverside MicroCap Fund Centralized CFO
  • “This was truly a life changing event for me both personally and professionally. Joelle, is a calm voice of reason that knows exactly how to press in order to get results.”
    —Gary B. Feldman, Vice President of Sales and Broker Relations Delta Dental of Arizona
  • “In the past several months, my team has become more focused, more productive, and clearer in its communications. I find myself surrounded with success stories.”
    —Bill Johnson, Fabrication Manager
  • “I really don’t know where I would be today without your support, your wisdom, your advice and your belief in me when I failed to believe in myself.”
    —David Villepiquez, SVP Wealth Management
  • “I would recommend Joelle to anyone who is interested in improving themselves as leaders, managers, or as a person. She will help you bring out all of the positives and leave any negatives behind.”
    —Julien Frost, Executive Vice President, Kinetic Systems
  • “I have seen significant development in the areas of Job satisfaction, Quality of life, Leadership, Relationships, Accountability and Staff development; ultimately redefining my daily work and my leadership role in the organization to provide me with work that I am excited to get up for in the morning.”
    —Kathy Kingsland, HR Professional
  • “More than a coach, she is a capable and proven business professional who understands what it takes to be successful in business!”
    —Joseph D. Tuerff, Regional Director, Manpower
  • “As a business owner you seldom have a fellow “CEO” type person to act as a sounding board and mentor.”
    —Sidney Brodsky, Owner
  • “Coach Joelle has helped me develop a new level of professionalism and uncover the confident leader I knew I could be.”
    —CFO, Waukesha, WI