60 Days To Success

You are totally capable and you’ve got what it takes to succeed! Drop the excuses, hone your mental dialog, embrace accountability and get into action to achieve your ambitious sales and performance goals with the 60 Days to Success program.


What could you accomplish if you committed, planned and got out of your own way for 60 days of no-excuses going for it?

  • Blow the doors off your sales quota?
  • Launch that important new project (or finish it)?
  • Follow your diet, hit the gym or hardwire in the empowering new habits that have been eluding you?

Whatever bold achievement you wish to undertake, the 60 Days to Success: Focused Action-Record Results Program gives you the accountability, mental tools and support to deliver on your ambitious sales and performance goals.


Set Inspired Goals: Define success on your terms as you choose meaningful and ambitious stretch-goals for your 60 day challenge.

Create A Powerful 60-Day Plan: Learn how to make your success planned and expected with the use of clear milestones and scheduled action.

Be Held Accountable: Your coach is there every step of the way to bring focus to your commitments, celebrate your achievements and rally you to action to deliver on your goals.

Master Your Mental Game: Learn the mental mastery techniques to annihilate procrastination, self-doubt, and other internal barriers.

Move Beyond Adversity: Avoidant prospects, uncooperative teammates or a lagging economy will be no match for your mad skills as you learn to achieve against all odds.

Take Extraordinary Action: It’s go big or go home as you rise to the task taking massive, bold, WHOA-DID-I-REALLY-DO-THAT! action to deliver on your goals.

Achieve More – WAY More : Return on investment has ranged from 600% for a tennis coach to several 1000% for sales people, owners and location managers. Expect the two months of your program to be the most productive time of your career. No Kidding.

Become Unstoppable: Leave the program with a new understanding of your power and your capacity to achieve, setting you up for a lifetime of success.

“I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.”
—Vince Lombardi


The biggest thing between you and your success is you. The 60 Days to Success Program supports sales people, entrepreneurs and individual contributors to master their demons and win the mental game of achievement.

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BUILD a winning sales team

Go for the gold with every eye on the prize with the 60 Days to Success group coaching program! Give your team an edge, increase their confidence and watch results soar with this two-month performance-based coaching program for you and your team.

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  • “I learned the power to make a bold request. If you don’t ask then the answer is definitely NO.”
  • “I learned the noise in my head is my own creation.”
  • “I have learned that I need balance, just because I go a million miles an hour doesn’t mean I get more accomplished.”
  • “I realize that I don’t have to be a team of 1.”
  • “Through feeding my brain with positive thoughts as well as erasing the negative thinking, I can reach my goals.”
  • “I have learned I am great at being bold and unreasonable and that will be the key to my own happiness.”
  • “I also learned that when things aren’t looking good, I need to be bold and deal with it and then move on instead of running from it hoping it will go away or get better.”
  • “Success is not hard. It is planned!”

Interested in 60 days to success? Whether you are ready to ignite the spark in your sales force or deepen your own mastery of achievement, sign up for the 60 Days To Success Program and watch confidence and results soar. For more information call (360) 378-0088 to schedule your complimentary Coaching Consultation or click here to request a consultation.