Our Mission

We empower leaders to achieve success on their terms. Our expert training and coaching services provide you with the tools and support to thrive in your business while sustaining a rich and meaningful life.

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Our Values

Leadership:Empowering the Leader in Everyone.

Leaders choose their path with intention, inspire others with their vision and take responsibility for their results. Whether you have a team of thousands or you are a team of one, your capacity to be a leader in and out of the office will determine everything from the height of your professional achievement to the depth of your relationships to the quality of your life.

Authenticity:Celebrating uniqueness.

Confidently showing up as the best “YOU” as opposed to a watered down rendition of the latest leadership guru is going to take you the furthest and the fastest with the most fun. Taking off your “business mask” and bringing your whole self to work may feel risky at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will never look back.

Freedom in Self Expression:Getting what’s inside, out,
responsibly and effectively.

You have something to say and so do the individuals on your team. When properly equipped to get those important conversations out of people’s heads and into the workplace, resentment and frustration have no place to hide, ideas abound and harmony and collaboration thrive.

Inventing Futures:Just About Anything Is Possible.

Someone figured out how to make a 870,000 lb metal bird fly, someone built the great wall of China, and someone figured out how to get peanut butter in those little chocolate cups (stay with us here.) In less than 40 years we have gone from
communicating with our loved ones through the occasion letter and extravagant long distance phone call to having instant access to text, tweet and Facebook with anyone, anytime, anywhere on the planet. Whatever bold new future you have in mind, whether it is hitting 50 million, winning the promotion or getting the new CFO to stop her rampage of intimidation, we think it’s probably doable.

Rewarding Work:Loving your work is good for business.

Start spending your days in the enthusiastic pursuit of meaningful goals and engaged in activities which use your unique talents and strengths and suddenly work stops being …well WORK. The best part is that when individuals spend more time contributing where they naturally excel in service of the organizational good, they enter that magical place where satisfaction meets productivity. Welcome to “The Engagement Zone!”

Conscious Cultures:Designing Great Places To Work.

The Zappos’, Dream Works’, Whole Foods’, Starbucks’ and Southwest Airlines’ of the world are living proof that financial growth, care for people and a commitment to the greater good can peacefully co-exist. Great corporate culture makes for great business and by designing a culture uncompromisingly around your values you have the opportunity to positively impact the life of every person your business touches, be wildly successful and maybe even change the world.

VERVE:Energy, vitality & Enthusiasm.

Imagine an entire team of engaged, energized, passionate people excelling inside of your business. Got it? Now imagine you’re one of them. You get the picture. People are more than just their job, like it or not, they have varied and complex personal lives and the quality of those lives affects their work. The factors that go into making a healthy, happy and productive human being range from the level of harmony in their relationships to how many hours of sleep they got last night to what they had for lunch. Looking at the complete person is essential to supporting each individual’s highest contribution and their greatest vitality.