About Coach Joelle

“More than a coach, she is a capable and proven business professional who understands what it takes to be successful in business!”

— Joseph D. Tuerff, Regional Director, Manpower

Coach Joelle Prochera

Coach Joelle Prochera is a Professional Certified Coach, facilitator and speaker committed to empowerment, leadership and happiness at work and at home. Armed with a powerful combination of business savvy, leadership experience, coaching expertise and a passion for people, Joelle has supported thousands in gaining clarity, removing limitations, owning their goals and bringing their inspired ideas to life.

  • As an Executive Coach, Joelle has spent over 10 years supporting corporate executives, middle managers, emerging leaders, business development professionals, high potential individual contributors, and small business owners across numerous industries.
  • As a Professional Life Coach, Joelle works with business leaders to design their professional and personal life with focus and intention. Through a combination of partnership and accountability each client is supported in gaining the self-knowledge and confidence to do what it takes to produce their desired results, whether it be increased income, improved relationships, a job promotion or an entirely new career direction.
  • As a Professional speaker, Joelle empowers her audiences to access the leader within themselves and those around them. Her inspiring message gives each participant the ultimate opportunity to claim responsibility for their future and chart their own professional destiny.

Prior to becoming a Professional Coach, Joelle spent a decade leading within an international fortune 500 company in both Canada and the US. Using the insights and tools that professional coaching provided, Joelle was able to find passion in her work and build a team that exceeded its financial targets with enthusiasm and commitment. She designed and delivered a one-of-a-kind service in her organization, becoming the only branch in North America to provide Executive Coaching to client businesses. Upon leaving the corporate world, Joelle’s branch was the fourth ranked of hundreds and she was acknowledged as a “powerful leader of people, full of integrity… [having a] profound and lasting impact on [the organization].”

Joelle holds professional certification from the International Coach Federation and has received coach-specific education through Newfield Network’s accredited programs, Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery and Leadership and Organizational Change. She is a graduate of the University of Manitoba, Canada with a degree in Psychology.

Coaching is Joelle’s passion and her reason for being. Her commitment to understanding the essence of success, leadership and empowerment permeates every aspect of her life. She considers it a great joy and deep honor to have the opportunity to contribute to the lives and businesses of her clients through the unique and powerful dynamic of the coaching relationship.

You can learn more about Joelle’s work in the area of Life Coaching and personal development at www.coachjoelle.com.

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